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At Campbell Barnett P.L.L.C., we are committed to providing superior client service and legal representation for victims of injury and to the survivors of a wrongful death.  Located in Puyallup, Washington, our personal injury lawyers are available to review your case with you and determine the best course of action for you.

We offer a “No Recovery, No Fee” service to our personal injury clients.  Under this service, any attorney’s fees are paid from the amount of money recovered on your claim.  Free consultations on these claims are available in Puyallup and in Seattle.

Campbell Barnett P.L.L.C. has experienced trial attorneys and professional staff to resolve your case – through settlement, arbitration or trial.

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Why would I need an attorney?

Life after a personal injury becomes very difficult. You, the injured person, will have to confront the limitations caused by the injury: difficulties in caring for yourself and your family; loss of time from work and loss of ability to pay your bills; difficulty in paying for medical bills and difficulty receiving the medical care you need and deserve. On top of all that is the frustration dealing with the insurance: car insurance, medical insurance and disability insurance. The attorneys and professional staff at Campbell Barnett P.L.L.C. can help you get through this process and receive the help you deserve.

When should I talk to an attorney?

As soon as possible after the injury. Before you talk to the insurance company.

Car Accidents

If you have been in a car accident you should first contact your lawyer immediately for assistance navigating through the aftermath. Insurance companies will often ask injury and accident victims to release their claims without paying adequate compensation for medical care, pain and suffering, and other recoverable damages. Our injury lawyers can help you plot a course to a recovery that will help you receive the compensation you deserve under Washington law for physical, financial and emotional losses. Call now for a free consultation on how we can help you achieve the justice you deserve.

Wrongful Death

Has someone in your family been the victim of a fatal accident? When a tragic accident takes someone’s life, the impact to the family can be devastating and overwhelming. In such cases it is important to consult with a wrongful death attorney to determine if there was negligence, or any other liability, for the death of your family member. In wrongful death cases, the measure of damages includes the actual monetary losses suffered by the surviving beneficiaries, as well as loss of the family member’s support, love, affection, care, services, and companionship. Washington statutes also preserve claims the decedent could have brought had they survived, such as the net wealth they would have earned had they survived, and any pain, suffering or fear experienced before their death. Wrongful death lawsuits are a no recovery, no fee service. If your family is suffering because of a wrongful death, please call for a free consultation and evaluation of your legal options.

More information about wrongful death

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries often arise from a traumatic event, such as a blow that fractures or dislocates your vertebrae. These injuries can be devastating, leading to complete or partial paralysis, and lifelong care needs. Our personal injury attorneys can help guide you through the process of determining the scope of your injuries, and the liability of the responsible party. We will work with your medical providers and other experts as needed, and will lead your claim through the legal processes available to help you receive the care and compensation that you deserve. Contact one of our spinal cord injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Have you or a family member suffered a head injury arising from an accident or wrongful act? Traumatic brain injuries occur when an external force injures the brain, and is a major cause of disability and death worldwide. These injuries can arise from car accidents, falls, and violence. The resulting quality of life changes should not be underestimated. Pursuing a brain injury claim can help insure you or your loved one receives the compensation needed to deal with the resulting medical needs, and the impact to quality of life and productivity. Consult for free with one of our personal injury lawyers to determine what your options are.

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