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Has a family member or cherished friend been the victim of a fatal tragedy? When tragedy strikes through the wrongful or negligent act of another, the impact to the survivors is overwhelming and devastating. In such cases it is important to consult with an attorney who is experienced in working on the unique issues that arise in wrongful death cases.

Wrongful death cases often involve multiple complex areas of law, which must be carefully handled. Issues to analyze include: What parties are responsible, and what are the standards of liability? Who are the beneficiaries who can recover for the loss of the loved one? What types of damages are available to the beneficiaries, and to the estate? Must a probate action be started on behalf of the Estate? Are their minors involved for whom a guardian must be appointed? What insurance policies and assets are available to help compensate the survivors for their losses? What liens exist against any recovery, and how can they be handled or waived? How does a criminal case affect the civil claims for wrongful death?

Under Washington wrongful death law, the eligible survivors of a wrongful death are entitled to seek compensation for the actual monetary losses suffered, as well as loss of the family member’s support, love, affection, care, services, and companionship. Washington statutes also preserve claims the decedent could have brought had they survived, such as the net income they would have earned had they survived, and any pain, suffering or fear experienced before their death.

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Wrongful death may be caused by a number of situations:

Auto accidents: All too often, tragedy occurs on our state’s highways and roads. Staggering losses can occur because of simple momentary lapses in judgment; following too close, speeding, text messaging, failing to yield, carelessness. In some cases, the loss is caused by more serious criminal activity; drinking and driving, running a red light, or driving under the influence of marijuana or other intoxicating drugs. In any case where the loss of life occurs on the highway, it is important to evaluate who may have been at fault, and whether the wrongdoers can be held accountable.

Workplace accidents: Employers who fail to provide workers with a safe environment can sometimes be found liable for a wrongful death. Oftentimes there are third parties involved in workplace fatalities. These third parties are not subject to the same immunities as employers and can be held accountable in a civil suit for the losses they inflict on victims. Workplace deaths require a careful evaluation of statutes and other laws governing workplace liability.

Criminal Activity: All too often, death results from violence. Obviously, Washington law holds those who commit violent crimes responsible for the damages caused by their intentional acts. Unfortunately, criminals often lack the resources or assets to pay for their wrongs. However, in some cases, there is another party who holds the responsibility to protect the public from the wrongful acts of a dangerous individual. For example, the Washington Supreme Court has recognized that the Department of Corrections, the Department of Social and Health Services, and other agencies or companies may have a “take charge” relationship with a dangerous person, and must, therefore, act reasonably to protect others from the known dangerousness of persons under supervision.

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