I used the escrow services of Campbell, Dille, Barnett, & Smith twice. I refinanced my house in 2009 and again in 2012. They handled all the paperwork. It was quick and they took care of all the details. It was entirely hassle free. They explained everything, making sense of all the legalese. Ms. Holmes and her staff came in to work when everyone else was snowed in. I was able to get the paperwork signed without taking a day off work. The fees were reasonable, especially compared to what the credit union was going to charge. I highly recommend the escrow services of this firm.

Anonymous Real Estate Client

Hillary represented me through the process of divorce and child custody. I entered the process of divorce very ignorant to the legal system. She is extremely intelligent and very ethical. I felt that every dollar spent was well worth it and I didn't feel like I was getting shafted either by legal fees or by my ex-spouse and her attorney (who tried to shaft me when it came to the Parenting Plan and splitting of the assets). Hillary's negotiation skills are superb. My divorce settlement was very fair in the end because of Hillary's skills and knowledge. I have since used her for my estate planning. Any other legal matters I have in the future I will take to her or use her recommendation if it's an area of law she's not practicing in. I've since recommended her to half a dozen friends who have all been very happy with her also!


John is a wonderful lawyer who truly cares about his clients. John stayed with us from start to finish of our case. He was readily available at any time we had questions and kept a clear line of communication. I will recommend John Forsythe to all of my friends and family if the need ever comes up.

– Cherish

I previously worked with Mr. Forsythe and have always been impressed by his intellect, drive, and character. Although we now practice in different counties, I regularly tap into Mr. Forsythe's expertise and knowledge. I would recommend Mr. Forsythe without hesitation to my closest friends and family.

- Brandon Miller DUI/DWI Attorney in Port Angeles, WA

If you want your divorce handled professionally with a high degree of attention to detail, contact Ms. Hillary Holmes. Hillary handled my difficult situation and in the end all parties were served well and I feel I came out a little ahead in the end. JOB WELL DONE!!

Thanks David G.

A couple of years ago I went through a divorce and contacted Hillary Holmes of Campbell Dille Barnett Smith to handle the situation. At the time it was painful but looking back Ms. Holmes did an outstanding job. She handled all details professionally and in a timely manner. The final divorce agreement has served all parties well. I would recommend Ms. Holmes to anyone that wants the best possible outcome.

Sincerely,David G.

Hollis listed to my concerns, explained options available to me, and added methods of me lowering cost(s) of the litigation process.


Hillary Holmes is an amazing attorney! I have hired many attorneys prior to Hillary but none even compare with her level of skill and competence. I really appreciated Hillary's quick understanding, targeted advice, and reasoned approach to situations that are incredibly stressful and impacting to myself and my family. Her knowledge, experience and understanding of the law is second to none. I am very thankful to Hillary and absolutely recommend her services.

Colleen Michelson

Hillary Holmes is a gifted attorney with amazing attention to detail and unbelievable knowledge of even the most complicated divorce cases. I hired Hillary to represent me with my divorce from a 14 year marriage. Our case ended up going to trial and ended in the best possible way for myself and my girls thanks to Hillary!